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  मुख्य सन्देश  
आईतबार, ०९ मंसिर २०७५ : आर्थिक प्रस्ताव खोल्ने सम्बन्धमा
शुक्रबार, ०२ चैत्र २०७४ : Notice Regarding EoI
बिहिबार, २८ बैशाष २०७४ : सूचना सूचना सूचना
मंगलबार, १४ भाद्र २०७३ : REQUEST FOR EOI - Consulting Services for Emergency Housing Reconstruction...
मंगलबार, १४ भाद्र २०७३ : REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - Consulting Services for Emergency...
शनिबार, ०८ साउन २०७३ : सूची दर्ता गर्ने सम्बन्धि सूचना
बिहिबार, ०६ साउन २०७३ : IFB has been published for construction of Integrated office buildings in Sindhuli
बुधबार, ०५ साउन २०७३ : Amendment in Procurement Notice
सोमबार, ०३ साउन २०७३ : Expression of Interest for Consulting Services

Details of Awarded Contract (Works)

Sn Title of Contract No.  Lot in Package Contract Id. No. Contractor Contract Signed on Completion Date Estimated Amount (NRs) with VAT Contract Amount (NRs) With VAT Expenditure till Date
1 Transitional Office Buildings In Nuwakot, Dhading, Ramechhap, Dolakha, Kabhre, Sindhuli and Kathmandu(PIU) 167 Single DUDBC/EEAP/Transitional/PIU/Works/NCB-01 Nepal Adarsha Nirman Co. Pvt. Ltd 26-Apr-16 30-Apr-17       232,399,033.59 203,171,623.27 141448748
2 Construction of Transitional Office Buildings in Gorkha, Lamjung, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchowk and Okhaldhunga 121 Single DUDBC/EEAP/Transitional/PIU/Works/NCB-02 Zillion:Pappu JV 17-Jul-16 30-Jul-17 188,491,059.52 172,682,436.36 48247067.59
3 Construction of an integrated office building (offices of District Attorney Office, District Postal Office, Department of Water Supply and Sanitation, Division Office Sindhuli and Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Sindhuli Division in Sindhuli district headquarter 4 Single MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2022-023/NCB-05 Lumbini-Siddhababa-Dhulikhel JV 28-Sep-16 15-Oct-18 144,226,751.37 143,608,216.54 12708691.73
4 Construction of Government office building (District Water Supply & Sanitation Office, DUDBC Division Office and CDO Quarter) in Ramechaap district headquarter 3 Single MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-08 Sunkoshi/Khani/Thodung JV, Kathmandu 3-Oct-16 15-Oct-18 149,165,686.90 147,869,138.63 13059764.48
5 Construction of three government office buildings namely District Court, District Forest Office and Chief District Officer Quarter in Dhading district headquarter  3 Single MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-30 Shivashakti/Biruwa JV 26-Sep-16 15-Oct-18 117,532,602.37 117,325,708.95 11732570.9
6 Construction of Six Office Buildings (District Court, DWSS Division Office, District Soil Conservation, District Post Office, District Agriculture Development Office and District Education Office ) In Nuwakot 6 2 Lots in a Package MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-23 (Nuwakot) BKOI-Surya Chandra JV 2-Dec-16 16-Dec-18 337,579,152.61 318,117,732.02 28119944.8
7 Construction of Four Office Buildings (DUDBC Division Office, Treasury Comptroller Office, Irrigation Division Office and National Investigation Office) In Lampung 4 MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-37 (Lamjung) Mahadev Khimti Nirman Sewa-Rosan JV 3-Dec-16 16-Dec-18 149,209,243.47 147,194,117.95 13026028.14
8 Construction of Three Office Building (CDO Quarter, District Forest Office Annex Building and District Treasury Comptroller Office) in Sindhupalchowk  3 2 Lots in a Package MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-16 (Sindhupalchowk) Swachchhanda/ Khani/ Sobarna JV 29-Dec-16 12-Jan-18 112,836,999.87 107,640,399.94 14200000
9 Construction of Three Office Building (DUDBC Division Office, District Post Office and District Agriculture Development Office) in Dhading. 3 MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-31 (Dhading) Shivashakti/Biruwa JV 29-Dec-16 12-Jan-18 152,787,111.18 144,971,323.47 12829320.66
10 Construction of four Office Buildings
 (Irrigation Division Office, District Forest Office, CDO Quarter with annex and Water Induced Disaster Management Division Office) In , Dolakha
4 2 Lots in a Package MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-12 (Dolakha) Shiva Shakti- Biruwa JV, New Baneswor, Kathmandu, Tel: 01-4782824, Email: sscc@ntc.net.np 26-Mar-17 10-Mar-18 161,326,432.61 153,426,378.74  
11 Construction of Four Office Buildings District Soil Conservation Office, District Agriculture Office,  District Livestock Office and District Judge Quarter in Sindhupalchowk  4 MOUD/CLPIU/Works/2072-073/NCB-17 (Sindhupalchowk) Lumbini-Khani-Sobarna J/V, Baneswor-10, Kathmandu, Tel: 01-6638322, Email: sobarnaconstruction@gmail.com 26-Mar-17 10-Mar-18 183,077,334.03 148,058,538.05  

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